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A Look Back to Move Forward

what did i even do in the past years? let's check it out. posted here are my favorite photos from every year, stuff that shows my style, and stuff that a lot of other people seem to like! enjoy looking through and seeing everything that i've done throughout the years!

Years In Review: About
bernese mountain dog
north lighthouse
old harbor sunset
light at the end of the hall
pie by the window
on air sign
atlantic inn
natural doorway
no parking notice
medication on the counter
house on the hill by the shore
hi-speed ferry
golden sunlight
excited gooder
friends waiting for the bus
bee on yellow flower
beautiful body of water
on-the-go workspace
lunch with friends outside

YEAR ONE: 2021

finding my footsteps and also some pretty good shots

2021 is a very special year for me. it's the year all of this started, when i started making this a full time hobby. take a look at my first year of being a photographer.

Years In Review: Welcome
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