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bernese mountain dog

there's a funny story behind this dog

we came upon this dog when walking through the new harbor part of Block Island. i had just gotten my camera prior to this trip, and so i was taking pictures of everything and anything i could. in this picture, we saw a dog in a car, and started saying hi. i took a couple of pictures, but this one came about when my mom was guessing the gender of the dog. she said "aw, he's so cute. unless he's a girl". to which the dog gave this look. we found some humor in that, a dog that expressed a personality in a simple gesture.

those who see my instagram may notice that this picture appears twice, with different tinting. this was one of the first pictures that i edited, and i found that a colder tint really brought out the spirit and feeling of this scene. it feels windy. it feels wet. it feels strangely comforting. but more than any of that pretentious bullshit that doesn't really make any sense, it's a cute dog.

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