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old harbor sunset.jpg
bernese mountain dog.jpg
small bunny in yard
atlantic inn.jpg
golden sunlight.jpg
spring hotel.jpg
north lighthouse.jpg
small airport.jpg
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dog park after snowfall project

the day after a snow day is sleepy, especially if it's a weekend. everyone's sleeping in, knowing that responsibilities are hard to find....

studio photography: identity

what is identity? is it labels that limit you? colors that bind you to a specific place and people? is it the added flair of life? is it...

Meaningful Object

Recently, I've been working with studio photography. For my first subject, I decided on something special and meaningful in my life. This...

portrait corrected

due to an obscenity in one of my portrait shots, the project titled Light and Portraits now has 5 photos instead of six. this obscenity...

the beautiful inn on the hill

i love this photo for a number of reasons. i think the biggest reason is because it looks like a painting. there's something about it...

golden sunlight

this picture is one of my favorite examples of how editing can change a photo dramatically. just a little tweak made this photo feel...

bernese mountain dog

there's a funny story behind this dog we came upon this dog when walking through the new harbor part of Block Island. i had just gotten...


i find a strange simplicity in this photo. reducing the ferry down to a blip in the horizon. there are multiple shades of blue in this...

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